Columbia Business Lab has Grown

We are now the Columbia Startup Lab, a co-working space located at 69 Charlton Street in Soho West for young alumni from Columbia’s Business, Engineering & Law Schools, and the School of International & Public Affairs, and Columbia College.

Visit our new website and contact us with any questions.


Columbia Business Lab

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Current Ventures

View 2012-2013 Ventures
  • A&B American Style

    We make high quality sauces and condiments with no sugar and no preservatives. Serious Eats named us among the Best Food Artisans of 2012. We hope to make a positive impact on American health by replacing sugar-filled food products with high quality, sugar-free alternatives.
  • BlocPower

    BlocPower markets, finances and installs energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofits in churches, non-profits, and small businesses in underserved communities, and hires local unemployed workers to do it.
  • BUZZtheBar

    BUZZtheBar lets you order and pay for drinks on your phone, then get a notification when it's ready at the bar - or have your drinks delivered to your table.
  • Cup & Compass

    Cup & Compass is a naturally crafted, lightly sweetened, dispensed drinks company that sells beverages at high-end quick serve restaurants through beautifully designed dispensers.
  • DeansList

    DeansList's cloud-based software helps school leaders get data-driven about metrics beyond grades and improve school culture and student behavior, which in turn leads to better student outcomes.
  • EbK Eyewear

    EbK Eyewear specializes in one of a kind, unworn, designer vintage sunglasses and frames sourced from across Europe and distributed through high end retailers in the US.
  • EcoLogis

    EcoLogis is a logistics and warehousing solutions provider focused on developing and managing world-class facilities in key port cities and hubs in India.
  • Exubrancy

    Exubrancy brings small and medium-sized businesses world-class office amenities to help keep their employees happy and healthy.
  • Focus fertility

    Focus fertility simplifies the process of starting a family. We equip women with the information and support they need to navigate fertility treatments efficiently.
  • The Take


    Discover products and places from your favorite movies.
  • Inspiring Capital

    Inspiring Capital is revolutionizing philanthropy by using proven business strategies to change the world.
  • InterActable

    InteractAble is an application focused on taking advantage of the interactive capabilities of the iPad to help children on the Autism spectrum navigate through common situations that require understanding and depicting the correct social cues and responding to various scenarios.
  • Kookopa

    Kookopa is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects women to create a revolving closet of apparel, shoes and accessories. Kookopa allows lenders to monetize those beautiful items that have never or only gently been worn, and allows borrowers to discover the hidden gems in others closets. Kookopa is the hassle-free “best friend’s closet” that you can always count on!

    MINKERMAN is making the biggest events in the world smarter with CE2, a single platform to manage all of the data, enable collaboration, and drive smart decisions.
  • Moshe Capital

    Moshe Capital is an advisory and management company creating a platform to connect mining investors and indigenous African mining companies whilst establishing corporate & social responsibility initiatives.
  • Radicle Orthopaedics

    Radicle Orthopaedics provides surgeons with a framework for medical device development and device manufacturers with transaction-based access to innovative device intellectual property.
  • Rebirth Financial

    The online marketplace connecting small business borrowers with individual and institutional lenders
  • Sententia

    Sententia Capital Management is a value investing based capital management firm. We believe that a value-based approach to investing, enhanced by the use of derivatives and steeped in a culture of patience and discipline, is the most effective way to preserve capital in the short term and to grow wealth over the long-term.
  • Travefy

    Travefy solves the coordination headaches of group travel!
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